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During one of the most difficult financial seasons of my life the Lord brought light into my darkened world with this whisper, “ Tasha, don’t SEEK money SEEK My kingdom.” Here was my introduction to the power of “ONE SEEK OR SEEK FIRST” although I would have said before that’s my life! I know what it means to seek first His kingdom. I’ve heard it, taught it, and prayed it. Well, In that moment I FULLY UNDERSTOOD! Shortly after before the Lord I repented and there in that moment, A spiritual transaction took place. I switched kingdoms. My allegiance to one government was forsaken and replaced with Gods methods and system of rule; His kingdom. I chose to put all my heart, sweat, and tears into ONE SEEK! The days, weeks and months that followed left me in amazement.

Many come to the Lord seeking something much smaller than what Jesus has offered us. We may come seeking for our marriage to be restored or for our child to come home. The reasons we all seek can be limitless, however it places us on a endless roller-coaster of ups and many more downs. Our seeking then becomes dependent on our needs which was exactly what Jesus said not to do. He made it simplistic for us, yet it demands our all. In this “one seek” EVERYTHING IS FOUND! It is the pearl that a man found and buried in a field, only to go and sale all he owns to buy that field that held this great treasure. This “one seek” is worth all the time, effort and energy that is required. It’s allowing Holy Spirit to stir a holy dissatisfaction in your heart for the current revelation you hold. It’s a heart cry to KNOW HIM! It’s looking with eyes of faith into the Word and asking for anything and everything to be removed that is in contradiction to what you read. It’s knowing with certainty that those who SEEK will find, those who KNOCK the door will opened to them.

It is impossible to have such a pursuit and live a life absent of prayer. It’s in the secret place of prayer that faith is placed in an incubator of His presence. Your faith may start off small, but it won’t remain there when honest communion collides with His all consuming love!


  1. What does it mean to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33)? ( Remember, there are 2 Kingdoms always at work, which kingdom has your alliance? 1 Col. 1:13)
  2. A good question to ponder on to help with the first question: Where is my life and heart centered?
  3. What does your prayer life look like? Time? Place? Connection? Do you journal what God shows you? Ask the Lord to show you how to take your prayer life to the next level.