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Pastor Bobby started the year with a message about God’s dream of a family. God is speaking to us again about his dream of a family. Pastors Tim and Twila Miller spoke about being sons and daughters of God and having a deeper encounter with Father God.
We were orphans and in the kingdom of darkness until we were born again and adopted as sons and daughters of the King.  God gave us the right (power of choice, permission) to become the sons of God (John 1:10-12) and has translated us from the kingdom of darkness to his kingdom (Col 1:13).
Even though God has released the Spirit of Sonship whereby we cry Abba Father (Gal 4:6),
our mindset has to shift from being an orphan and being identified as members of the kingdom of darkness to a mindset of being heirs and children of God.
Shifting our mindset to being a son and daughter of the King, requires us to consider our revelation of the Father and his Kingdom. So consider the following questions:
1.     How do we see Father God? Loving or punitive? It requires us evaluate whether we were parented from fear or from faith.
2.     How do we see family? Do we know where we come from? Do we see God as our Father? Do we see His blood running through us and that God will always be our Father?
3.     Do we see that family matters?  As members of the household of God (Eph 2:19), how do we see each other? Do we compare and compete with each other or do we share and complete each other?
When we have settled the issue of who our Father is, then we have an internal reference point of being loved and accepted by Father God and function as members of the household of God and his kingdom.
1. Next Sunday May 1st Transformation Sunday! We will be taking up commitments for the first phase of the Property Transformation Project. 
2. April Prayer Initiative
3. OCSM Classes begin May 15th