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Sunday evening as I gathered with our intercessors to pray it became evident in the beginning that Holy Spirit had given us an agenda for our time together. The aim was to attack and dismantle fear in our lives and the life of every believer at One Church! It was a powerful time of breakthrough. The next morning I was overwhelmed with thankfulness as I received the first of what I know will be many testimonies from what had taken place the night before in prayer.


Fear is a great shapeshifter. It can manifest in our lives in numerous ways. Anxiety and worry being the most obvious which can take a tole on the strongest, most committed disciple. However, many times we dismiss our excuses and procrastination not realizing this too is just another form of fear. What about misdirected priorities of a believer? Could fear be wearing this mask as well?

Fear begins as a thought that creates emotion. If not recognized quickly and it is tolerated those emotions grow into strong and intense feelings. These feelings then catapult you into a path of foolish words and actions or it begins to redefine your boundaries. Fear manipulates God’s people out of the will of God either by inaction or misdirected action.


Anyone who has struggled with fear knows that its not an easy fight that is haphazardly won. You can bar the door, but fear climbs in the window! So what must be done? Repent and believe! Sounds simple, but it works. Repent from partnering with fear and then begin by mediating on the Word of God until you believe it. For example, Read Psalms 27 over and over again if need be 20 times a day for a month. Speak it out loud, declare it, make it yours! As you meditate on the Word your mind will be renewed and fear will no longer have its place!


  1. Do you see any place in your life where fear has had its role?
  2. Read Psalms 27 and Psalms 23
  3. Discuss practical ways of overcoming and explain what one might do in order to mediate on Gods Word.
  4. Pray for one another.