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Humility is one of the requirements in our walk with God. (Micah 6:8) The type of person that God is looking, and seeking for… is even to him that is poor. (Is 66:2) In fact, God resists the proud but gives grace (favors) to the humble. (James 4:6).  The word “resists” here means to “rage in a battle against.” That means He is fighting you! So how do we humble ourselves before the Lord? 

Humility is a character quality.  It is a quality that is of supreme value to God. Humility means being meek, humble, poor, and needy. It does not mean we are passive or insecure. What it really means is that we are not proud or arrogant. That we do not have an inflated opinion of ourselves.  We can acknowledge that we do not have it all together.  It is not thinking less of ourselves but spending less time thinking about ourselves.  We know the difference between self-confidence and pride. We are grateful for everything we have. We recognize that everything is a gift from God. 

Humility is the posture, the attitude of our hearts. We recognize our utter dependence on God. We see ourselves as we actually are, fallen in sin and helpless without God. It is recognizing that we do not deserve anything from God, but because His nature is merciful, we can ask for mercy and help.  

Humility is the fear of the Lord; Its wages are riches, honor, and long life. (Prov 22:4 NIV) It is essential in establishing the right relationship with God and with others. It acknowledges who God is and His authority over our lives! 

Consider and discuss the following questions:

  1. Can you think of some things that are actually prideful that you normally do not think it is? Ex. Thinking we deserve mercy because we repented, said we were sorry.
  2. Can you share of times when you would not tell anyone, that you needed help… in getting over your anger, getting rid of sins.
  3. Can you share of a time when the Holy Spirit convicted you and you had a hard time coming up for prayer?
  4. Talk of a time when you humbled yourself and what happened? Especially the grace poured out on you by God. 


  1. Father’s Day next Sunday! Invite family and friends for the celebration of the Father and the special message
  2. Extreme Kids’ Summit 6/29 – 7/1
  3. Art Camp and Children’s Choir
  4. Prayer Initiative for June