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We are created in the image and likeness of God, with a measure of faith, with the ability to believe and worship God. However, for many people because of their life experiences, they cannot relate to a loving Father God.  They have a skewed view of God — their understanding of God is that He is some being far away, with no relevance to their lives. For others, God is a hard taskmaster and stern judge. We must have the correct perception of who God is. Our God is the creator, (Gen1:1) one who sustains all things, eternal, (Deut 33:27) unchanging (Mal 3:6), Sovereign, Most High God (Ps 47:2). He is supernatural (transcendent)! This allows us to make him Lord but why we love Him and worship Him is because of who He is—His nature and character.  He is good (James 1:17), merciful and compassionate (Ex 34:6) just and kind (Ps 89:14), loyal and faithful (Deut 7:9), defender and refuge (Ps 46:1). 

Consider and discuss the following questions:

  1. How do you view God? Can you share about your relationship with God? How do you relate to Father God? To Jesus? To the Holy Spirit?
  2. What are some of the characteristics of God that you relate to? For some, it is His mercy, for some He is just.
  3. Share some of the barriers that prevent you from believing that the Father Himself loves you.   


  1. Extreme Kids camp June 29-7/1
  2. Art Camp
  3. Children’s Choir
  4. Transformation Sunday —first Sunday of the month 
  5. Prayer Initiative for June