Pastors Bobby & Shannon Richard

Bobby Richard and his wife, Shannon

Some fun facts about me: I wanted to be a professional stuntman when I grew up. I love bow hunting and wakeboarding. My favorite place to eat in Lafayette is Bangkok Thai.

My wife, Shannon, and I have been married for twenty-nine years. We have been together since we were thirteen years old, which is not something I like to tell young people because we are definitely the exception to the rule on young dating relationships. Together we have five children and a grandbaby season that is kicking into gear! I have lived a little less than half of my life without Jesus, and the other half of my life with Jesus, and I can say without a doubt that the half with Jesus has been the best years of my life.

This is my life’s message, “Life lived in personal relationship with Jesus is far better than life lived without Jesus.”

As much as I love water sports, bow hunting, watching football while eating homemade popcorn, and eating boudin and cracklin on a good Saturday morning, nothing can compare to the wonderful life spent “knowing Christ, and making Him known.” We have been the pastors here for seventeen years, and have committed to be the pastors here for another twenty.

Pastor Nicole MacDowell

Pastor Nicole MacDowell

Fun Facts: I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in less than 20 seconds. I have an arrowhead in my DNA which makes me a KC Chiefs fan for life. I love all animals except maybe the ones with really long, nasty tails 😉

Ever since I was young I’ve always known that I wanted to work with kids, I just thought I would do it as Cinderella at Disney World. I was born in Texas and I moved to Lafayette as a teenager, graduated from Lafayette High and got my degree from ULL.

My greatest passion is to motivate people from all walks of life to maximize their God given potential so that they might make a difference in the world!

I love Jesus with all my heart and my passion is to see young people know Him and make Him known to everyone in their circles of influence!

Pastor Jarrett Elliott

Fun Facts: I am a twin and no we don’t have that weird freaky connection with each other. I only have one kidney but it’s a good one. I strongly believe in the nap ministry and believe a good nap will change your perspective on any situation J

From the day I gave my life to Jesus I knew that the story was about to get very interesting. I am originally from Natchitoches, Louisiana but have lived most of my life right here in the heart of Acadiana. I am the youngest of four siblings and am currently a marketing major at ULL.

“My goal is to see a generation of young people that ushers in the next movement of God that brings Kingdom everywhere they go. We want to see a generation melt people’s faces off for Jesus!”

I have served in youth ministry for 6 years and am excited about the next chapter of my life as the student ministry pastor. My love for worship has taught me the importance of an intimate relationship with our savior and my goal is to see every young person live a life that is madly in love with Jesus. I strive to see students know Him in His fullness and make Him known to those around them.