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It is important to know how to make decisions. Many people do not know how to make godly decisions. They just let life happen instead of intentionally choosing. Father God created us in his image and likeness. He has given us free will to choose. He says to us “choose life” (Josh 24:15). How we choose and the choices we make have the potential to set us on an entirely new life trajectory.
The first component of making decisions is to be willing to recognize that God has a way to approach life. God promises us that if we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land. (Is 1:19) We have to be willing to submit to his ways. Recognize that God is setting us up for success. We have to trust Him to direct our path. “Faith always says yes before no,” so thank God for honoring us with the opportunity to make the decision.
Next, we have to maturely process, applying wisdom. Make a list of pros and cons before the Lord. God expects us to consider and weigh the matter. (Luke 14:28, 31)
Third, we include those closest to us in the decision-making process, especially those that are affected by the decision. We then weigh it in the light of His word. His word is the level, (plumbline) that we align our lives to—His standard. We seek godly counsel. (Prov 11:14) We have to be humble enough to recognize that we see things in part. (1Cor 13:12)
Finally choose unconscious obedience to the Father. Make the decision to obey Him when you ask the Father,” Father, are you asking me to do this?”
Consider and discuss the following:

1.  How do you typically make a major life decision? 
2.  Tell of a time when you made a major life decision and how did it work out for you. 
3.  How would things been different had you been able to process in the light of new understanding of scripture? 
4.  Could you tell of a major life decision you are now in the process of make? 
5.  How can we pray for you? 

When we begin with trusting God and end with obeying Him, we will make the right decisions. (Prov 3:5-6)
1.     The first Sunday of the month is Transformation Sunday. Encourage your people to celebrate and look forward to the transformation of the church
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3.     Art Camp/Children’s Choir
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