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You may have heard me share the story of the Chinese Bamboo tree before, but I believe it’s worth repeating. Like any plant, to flourish the Chinese Bamboo Tree it requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, and sunshine. In the FIRST year, there are no visible signs of activity or development. In the SECOND year, again, no growth above the soil. And the THIRD and FOURTH, still no signs. Patience is tested and many would begin to wonder if their efforts will ever be rewarded. Finally in the FIFTH year there is growth! The Chinese Bamboo Tree grows 80-90 feet in just six weeks! Amazing!

Just like the bamboo tree our lives may seem mundane, monotonous, or even painstakingly slow as we’re praying for a breakthrough. You may continue to press in all the while your mind may be bombarded with thoughts like, “Is it ever going to change?” One day can turn into months and yes even years without ever seeing fruit “above the soil”. However, in one day God suddenly moves and everything changes. You awake in the morning to pray like usual, then suddenly God speaks and everything changes. These sudden encounters are all throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We all pray and hope for these Encounters, but what must be done NOW? Can we act in faith NOW to set the stage for the suddenly of God? I believe so, because faith is NOW!

So let’s set the stage by making room with obedience and prayer! In Acts 1 Jesus gave the disciples instructions that needed to be followed. He said. “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait here UNTIL you receive the gift I told you about.” (Acts 1:4) So in obedience they waited. During this time of waiting they gathered in the upper room to pray. They didn’t know that was going to be the time and place when their lives would be turned upside down, forever made new. They just were waiting and praying in hopeful obedience. Then Suddenly, He was in the room and everything changed.

We set the stage for the suddenly of God the same way. Our active obedience to His leading makes room for God to show up powerfully. A few weeks ago I woke up to pray like usual when the Lord spoke very clearly to my heart, “Make Room Tasha!” I was praying about a conversation that needed to take place but I was putting it off because I feared the outcome. In that moment, I knew my obedience was making room for God to move. I got out of the boat that day in obedience and the outcome was nothing short of miraculous. The leading of the Lord will sometimes be uncomfortable, but this my friend is setting the stage for the Suddenly of God.


  1. What are you doing today to set the stage for the Suddenly of God? NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for.
  2. Read 2 Kings 4. The miracle of the oil was directly tied to the space made available. What space are you making available?
  3. Are you hungry for more of God or have you become satisfied? What can we do if we’ve found ourselves satisfied? Revival is the cry for more.