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It is inevitable offenses will come, (Luke 17:1) and we will experience disappointments, hurts and pain in life so we have to answer the question on how do we deal with pain.  Not only do we have to deal with the pain in our lives, but we have to resolve the pain appropriately so that we will not leave a legacy of pain for our children. Because we will leave an inheritance for our children (Prov 13:22) but what we leave them is up to us.
One of the major tracks/routes for us to transfer pain to our children and future generations is through iniquities.
Iniquities are our faith and character flaws that we impose on our children. They are bents. They are our propensities, our default setting. They put in generational cycles of sin.
So how do we stop the hurt legacy and begin the legacy of blessing? By dealing with the iniquities and inner vows. To be healed we have to:
1.     Self Diagnose— do you repeat the same things you disliked about parents?think about how you were raised.
1. Was your family a godly family?
2. Did they resolve conflict in the right way?
3. How did they handle money?
4. What about their attitudes toward the opposite sex or a different race?
5. What was their attitude toward submission to God & Bible?
6. How about their attitude toward children?

2.     Recognize the problem is sin and Take responsibility: stop excusing or blaming

3.     Forgive your parents, others and yourself; when you can’t let the past die, it remains your future

4.  Submit that area to God: search God’s word, meditate on his word; let it renew your mind

Consider and Discuss the following questions:
1.      Honestly evaluate the cycles of sin we are repeating in our lives?
2.     Is the problem a default setting? “That is what our family does…”
Jesus said …I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundant (John 10:10). If we are going to live that abundant life, we have to remove all of the dead places in our heart. We to turn those graveyards over to Christ!
Pastor Bobby’s Ask:
1.     Invite people to the Sunday church on (3/27) after the Let’s Us Worship. There is an open heaven in our region. This is our biggest opportunity to evangelize and draw the lost into the kingdom.
2.     Use the Crawfish Lunch as a way to invite people and fellowship