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Many Christians think once we have accepted Jesus into our hearts, we will not experience any loss, hurt or pain. But the truth is that Life hurts! The Bible clearly says in this world we will have trouble. (Jn 16:33). The pain we experience can compromise our character and it can make us who we are not. It can affect our decision making and life choices. It can impact our present and future quality of life.

Unfortunately, many Christians have a skewed view of dealing with the hurts, wounds and the pain. They think time heals all wounds. All time does is harden our improper perspective of God.  We tend to blame God and other people.  So instead of being healed of the pain, we tend accumulate and compound the pain.

Most people tend to deal with pain in one of 3 ways.

1.     Medicate the pain and fall into all kinds of addictions: drugs, alcohol, food, retail therapy, 

2.     Motivated by pain: a workaholic, hobbies, sports, gardening — making us absent in our families, relationships 

3.     Meditate, brood or stew over our pain and birth bitterness, victim mentality. 

The only way to resolve and stop the pain is to turn toward God. Jesus knows our pain — he is acquainted with our griefs and sorrows.  (Is 53:3) He is able to sympathize with our weakness, since he was tempted in every way (Heb 4:15) Jesus said, Take heart! I have overcome the world. So no matter the pain, the loss, we have what it takes to overcome the world! (1 Jn 5:4-5)

So how do we resolve the pain and get healed?

1.     Recognize Jesus is the healer; He is our friend

2.     Recognize Life does not form us; our response to life forms us so manage the moment, the hurt; take responsibility

3.     Receive mercy from God; forgive ourselves and forgive others; unless we receive mercy we cannot extend it to others

Consider/Discuss the following questions:

1.     What is our default mode of dealing with life’s pain?

2.     How has our pain defined our character? Are we an overcomer or a victim? 

Our choices – do we extend mercy or do we cause pain?

3.     What is our perspective on God? Is he our Father, our friend? Or are we accusing and blaming God?


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