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Everyone has to answer the question — how are we going to deal with pain? The issue is not just the sin: the anger, addictions, adultery, pornography etc.. They are just the symptoms. Underlying the sin is the pain, emptiness and devastation of a life without God.
There are many types of pain that we experience in our lives. Our primary relationship in life is with our parents. Pain experienced from our relationship with our parents sets up a default mechanism in our minds. It teaches us how to do life; how to have relationships, how to be married, how to parent. It teaches us how to deal with pain.
We either avoid pain or take revenge. Majority of us avoid pain by medicating the pain or by being driven by the pain. Usually when we are driven to vengeance, we have stewed and brooded over the pain. This has opened us up to demonic oppression, which is why the Bible clearly warns us to not let the sun go down on our anger (Eph 4:26) or give place or opportunity to the devil (Eph 4:27)
Regardless of our wrong learned experiences —How do we tackle our pain?
1.     Face the pain; acknowledge you have pain– something offended you, you were mistreated, taken advantage of /dismissed etc . Now Confess it: Ps 51:3 Ps 51:6 God desires honesty in the inner self
2.     Forgive –Let God deal with it. To forgive means to let it die. Forgiveness doesn’t justify the sin neither does it mean you are going to keep the same relationship and give them another shot at you. Forgiveness means I am not going to rehearse the past sins. Until we let the past die, it will not let the future live! (Phil 3:13-14)
3.     Follow Jesus—let Jesus shows us the Father and receive our identity from him
 Consider and discuss the following questions:
1.     How has pain compromised your character/witness? Honestly evaluate our lives. Are we proclaiming Jesus has redeemed us or are we still the walking wounded?
2.     What are you doing to rewrite the faulty mindsets of dealing with pain?
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2.    Please keep Paige Terrel in prayer for healing and restoration. Anthony and Andre for comfort, peace.