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I have found that in the fire of life, when all resources and energy have been spent it’s then and only then do you discover what you really BELIEVE.

We all can be deceived into believing we know something when actually we don’t. For instance, have you ever tried to replicate something that you saw someone else do on television or online? Was it like you had imagined? Well, I’m guilty! After watching all the renovation shows I was convinced I also was an expert!!! Needless to say, I created a huge mess and many had to come to my rescue. I had knowledge, but it was just enough to get me in trouble. There is a HUGE difference between “mere” knowledge and “experiential” knowledge. It’s in this arena that we must fight in order to destroy deception, confusion, and lies. Are you ready?

Today as knowledge increases and our access to it, so does the temptation of being deceived. The war is to REALLY BELIEVE least we be deceived thinking we know God, when actually all we have is mere knowledge without experience.

Ephesians 3:19-“(That You May really come) to KNOW (practically, through experience for yourselves) the love of Christ, which far surpasses MERE KNOWLEDGE (without experience): THAT YOU MAY BE FILLED (through all your being, may have the richest of the divine Presence) and BECOME a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself!”

Mere Knowledge
Mere means barely enough. Knowledge of God without experiencing God is “mere knowledge.” It’s the lowest level available, the least amount that is possible to have. Knowledge without experience is the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM!

Did you notice in the scripture above that it’s only in the “experiential knowledge” that God’s transforming POWER in our lives is obtained? It’s in this knowledge that we are transformed…body, soul, and spirit!

Both Paul and Peter talked a lot about “knowledge”, yet the implication was never meant to be merely the gaining of head knowledge. Instead, we are to apply the truth of that knowledge to our circumstances and situations, thus “experiencing” it ourselves. Mere knowledge becomes experiential knowledge when the Word is internalized, applied, tested and proven in the fire of real life experience with God. When they are proven in this way, we then can say, “I KNOW in whom I believe!”


  1. Let’s discuss what we really know! Personally share with everyone how the Word became flesh in your life. Talk about the times you experienced God.
  2. For you will KNOW the TRUTH and the truth will set you FREE! Is there an area you aren’t experiencing freedom in? Where should you start? What does this like practically? This should not be discouraging, it’s an invitation to experience God in a new way!