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The measure of a man isn’t found in his activity, but rather in his surrender. In the days of great activity and nonstop demands many find comfort in believing this is the picture of success! With this pressure being portrayed in our culture today, It’s no wonder many look down upon the PAUSE!

After two decades of busy activity, I was forced to understand PAUSE and it’s inexpressible value. I was soon to realize it’s in the PAUSE that truly defines a man. I went from running a business, homeschooling, hours each week of ministry to PAUSE! I honestly thought I had hit rock bottom in life. As I sat in my empty home with no where to go I choose not to create more activity, rather instead I embraced the invitation to sit before the Lord at the table He prepared before me. The next weeks and months to follow I was transformed while in WAITING.

Psalms 23 says, “He MAKES me lie down in green pastures, He LEADS me besides still waters.”

“They that WAIT upon the Lord WILL renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31

The Hebrew word for WAIT means to “bind together like a cord” perhaps even “twisting”. It is literally a picture of making a rope where you weave and bind different strands together in order to form a much stronger rope.

We have all been like individual strands of a fiber, dangling freely, and of very little use in God’s kingdom. Before we wait upon Him, until we are bound together with Him, we will be void of any quality strength, we will be unable to ascend like the eagles, we cannot run without becoming weary, nor can we walk any distance without fainting.

Waiting on the Lord does not speak of sitting back with our feet kicked up while twiddling our thumbs hoping for God to do something good in our lives. It’s surrendering to the Master as He immerses you in water so you become pliable in order to be united with Him. It’s allowing Him to place His firm grip of love upon your life in order to twist the stands in the direction of righteousness. As the pressure from His firm grip continues your faith only grows stronger knowing the gift that is being formed in you!


  1. I would encourage you to take each of these scriptures along with the 2 sited above and read them together . (Ps. 25:5, 25:21, 27:14, 37:7, 37,9, 37:34, Lam. 3:25)
  2. When was the last time you sat before the Lord with no agenda and without having to rush off?
  3. Challenge yourself and your group to mark a day on their calendar and give it entirely to the Lord. (Get a baby sitter, ask your spouses blessing, remove distractions, etc.)