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Today we can take a selfie and within seconds make ourselves look 20
years younger or 20 years older depending on the FILTER we choose. Likewise, we can make life’s decisions based upon FILTERS that are before us and many times we may not even realize it.

Our upbringing, experiences, culture, and education can all be filters that we process our life through. However, when we are born again the Lord doesn’t do away with what makes us unique, but He does give us a NEW FILTER that brings everything into perfect alignment. We then must choose to place His filter FIRST in order to truly SEE the Kingdom.

“But seek (aim at and strive after) FIRST of all His kingdom and His righteous ( His way of doing and being right), and THEN all these taken together will be given besides.” -Matthew 6:33

What does this look like?

It’s being more committed, more loyal, and more passionate to this one “filter” than to your very own background, culture, and education. Many times conflict will arise within you because of two options or filters. Which one will you obey? Which one will you choose to look through?

I can recount moment after moment in my life personally that this war was fought. It can be scary and downright painful at times to surrender an old “filter” and pickup the new one Jesus has offered to us. It’s choosing forgiveness in the midst of rejection when your upbringing says something completely different. It’s choosing trust by giving your tithe over what maybe your education has taught you or what experiences have led you to believe.

Do you know what has kept me or what has given me strength to choose the right “filter” in times of great struggle? Of course this is not to say I’ve always made the right choice. However, Its not for the sake of sacrifice. It’s not for the sake of even making my life better. Rather it’s for the sake of KNOWING HIM and the powerful of His resurrection! Every time the Lord highlights an area that He’s ready for you or I to conquer and the choice of which filter will you pick up is before you, we can KNOW for certain He’s inviting us to experience Him in a new way. It’s the joy and thrill of the Christian life!


  1. Discuss other filters that you have seen in your life.
  2. I have found a great Kingdom filter that usually helps in even those areas that are not clear cut. It’s found in James 3:13-18. As you slowly read each word, ponder it, placing it as a filter over your situation. You’ll be surprised how clear your vision will become.