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Today’s small group message is coming directly from Dutch Sheets Ministries. It’s a “Give Him 15” message that is sent out daily across the nation to the praying church. It’s an unconventional small group message for me, but I believe it’s important to share. This past Sunday, pastor released a powerful declaration and asked us to join our faith with him in speaking it daily. When we can see beyond the request into God’s heart on a matter, faith then produces substance called action. So with that said, I found it necessary to draw our attention to what’s happening outside of our local body for a moment and give us a window to see what the Lord is doing and saying amongst His Ecclesia around the world. It’s so encouraging to know just how synchronized we are as a body to the movements of heaven. My hope in sharing this is that we will rise up as one, and begin saying what God is saying.

The following message was sent out on 01/14/2020


Back in the 1990’s we didn’t operate in declarations and decrees. We just offered up petitions. Around 2000, He said to me, “You will fully shift this nation when the Church shifts their mindset from priestly intercession only to kingly intercession, also.” We have come into the decade of the decree. God says we are going to decree things like we have never decreed before. 

There is a Word in Hebrew that the Lord has emphasized for me. It is a word used in three familiar verses having to do with decrees. It’s “asah”. Let’s look at it in Numbers 23:19.

“God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” (NASB) The word “do” here is “asah”. It means, among other things, “to create”. His words create. When He speaks, power is released to bring forth something, sometimes out of nothing. This is the way we bind and loose, forbid and allow. He tells us what He wants in His Word through prophetic intercession. Then, we say what He says. 

There was a teaching about “confession” that was in error. The error was that those adhering to it thought they could say anything they wanted to and God had to do it. They thought God had to back up all of their declarations. That’s not biblical. Biblical confession is to say what He says. That’s what the word means, “to say the same thing”. When you say what He says, then power is released from you and God says, “I’ll create with those words. You decree a thing and it will be established.”

“By me kings reign, and princes decree justice.” (Proverbs 8:15; KJV)


  1. Do you recognize any wrong mindset that you once understood in regards to a “decree”? Repent if you have thought you could say anything you felt was right. Repent for saying things that were not God’s will, but your own. He knows you didn’t understand. Rejoice, because now, you do!
  2. Read the 2020 Declaration pastor released on Sunday. (You can find it on U View, or Monday’s Facebook page). Talk about what it means or what is most powerful for you.
  3. This statement, “You will fully shift this nation when the Church shifts their mindset from priestly intercession only to kingly intercession, also.” Do you know difference? The same is true for your family, ministry, etc- Lets fully shift!