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I’m very familiar with worry. He used to be my counselor every night as I laid restless in bed. He was my best friend that I spoke to often for advice and the one who promised to keep me and those I loved safe if I planned according to his wisdom. However, as I learned it’s lessons and applied
them to my life I only became more enslaved.

Worry is sin. Many Christians accept it as normal life. We joke about who is a bigger worrier without really understanding its consequences. In reality, worry distorts our view in order
to get us to bow down to something other than God. It’s a form of worship. Ouch!

Both Worry and Worship are matters of the heart. Worship is not merely about the songs we sing. True inner worship is about treasuring God ABOVE ALL else. However, when we are stuck in a cycle of worry it’s evidence that we’re in fact battling what or whom we will treasure more… God or that thing we are worried about.

Since worship and worry both originate in the heart, and they both disclose what we value, one of the ways we combat worry is through worship.

I have found this to be the antidote to worry personally. Getting alone, crying out to God, and declaring with all my heart whom I choose to truly worship! He is my choice, even if I risk comfort, security, reputation, etc! I choose Jesus! He alone will have my ALL! In this place of worship I found worry has no grip because in His presence your perception of reality changes. Worry grows where perception is limited! So when our hearts are once again aligned to
God as our Lord of Lords, He then aligns our perception to His and faith once again is birthed!


  1. Do you ever battle with worry?
  2. Is there one area that you fight with more than others? Is it money? Security? The opinions of others? Power? Reputation?
  3. Could it be that worry has gripped you because you unknowingly bowed your heart before one of these things?
  4. Where to start? Repent- acknowledge where you have gone astray, and turn towards the Lord.
  5. Good homework: Find a few scriptures that relate to that area of worry. Memorize them and when temptation arise speak them out loud.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)