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“The truly religious life is not a matter of mere intellectual intelligence, or information, or power of argument. It is PROFOUND PERSUASION: a real, simple, solid trust in the righteousness and goodness of God! How such a trust lifts us above the fret and anxiety of ever changing details.” -CS Lewis

I’m ashamed to say there has been times and seasons where I felt my persuasion was tested and I didn’t do so well. I had settled into “passive Christianity” where all that remained in me was a distant hope. True faith and trust operates in PRESENT TENSE! Hope is towards the future. My trust had been misplaced. It was placed on historical facts of religion rather than on the ever-present person of Jesus!

There is an awakening taking place today because a people have been persuaded in the ever-present person of Jesus. He is calling us to rise. Our hearts are becoming persuaded because of His ever-present voice and love being heard and received PERSONALLY and Corporately! The “good-old day’s” are over, and the days of passive Christianity are being replaced with an army of the persuaded!

Hope expects, but Trust POSSES! God is speaking TODAY! God is moving TODAY! God is awakening TODAY! Can you hear it? Listen closely. You’ll hear the ever-present Jesus calling your name!


  1. Trust sees God doing something here and now. If you can’t see an ever-present Jesus where does such an awakening begin and where is it sustained?
  2. It’s a time of “closing of the books” and opening of the NEW. What do you sense God is moving you away from and what is He moving you toward?
  3. It’s important you are in a position to hear! The enemy would love nothing more than to keep you busy. Have you set aside to meet with the Lord? Write what you’re hearing then position yourself accordingly. Also, share it with someone. DECLARE it!!!

“May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully!” Ephesians 3:19

“Surely I am with you always — to the very end of the age!” Matthew 28:20