Hope Alive Freedom Church has transformed into One Church. We have taken our faith and family out to our main campus located at 211 JB Road, Lafayette, LA, 70506 to embark on a new chapter in our journey of faith together. We have changed more than our name and our location, but we are still the same real people, offering real hope, in a real world. One Church is a Christ-centered, non-denominational, family church located in Lafayette, Louisiana. We started out in 1997 as a few families, gathered together in a living room with one purpose: To know Christ and make Him known. As we have grown over the years we have never lost the warmth of the genuine relationships that were formed in that living room. Now, twenty years later, we are hundreds of families gathered together every Sunday at 10:00 am as One Church. This state of the art brand new facility holds the main auditorium for adults, while the adjacent facility serves as the rallying point for our Xtreme Kids Ministry. Each classroom is equipped with security cameras that help keep our children safe. The entire first floor of our main facility serves as our Student Ministries meeting area.
Hope is still Alive in One Church!