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We’re all familiar with currency, especially money. Each of us have a certain amount of it and in turn we’re able to use that currency for the benefit of ourselves or others. If we’re wise we ponder carefully the currency given to us in order to extend its reach. Likewise, Mercy is given to us not of our own merit. We are shown mercy from God our Father with utter intentionality and strength. In your greatest point of hopelessness He rescued you. He made Himself known to you with great compassion and love. This was your birthplace, the place where hopelessness met the God who saves. This has been and remains the place where all true mercy flows.


With that being said, I dare to say the cry and exchange of mercy is possibly found in the very fabric of genuine revival. Why is that you ask? Well, mercy brings us back to Jesus maybe after we have wondered off the narrow path. The cry of mercy awakens us once again and reminds us in whom we first believed and to who we owe our lives too. Mercy’s cry is not one of pride, self-justification, or even passionless prayer. It’s a cry of desperation. It is coming to the end of ourselves. It’s a certain cry that knows that unless God answers you, you are without hope. It’s a tangible substance of faith that is discovered only in complete surrender. As you humble yourself, there is one thing that you can find rest in. It’s knowing God is good and you will find what it is you seek. He is faithful and trustworthy. He is true and nothing can convince you otherwise. He is the God who gave you breathe and He is the only one who knows your end.


Once connected to and in alignment to the flow of mercy we then are ready to put mercy on display.
This is important because if we help other people out of self-justifying sacrifice or religious obligation, that isn’t mercy; it has become an act of self-righteousness. When you show mercy as one who is a recipient of mercy, then you’re able to do so in a way that cherishes the dignity of the person who stands before you no matter how desperate one appears.


As you look around being awakened yourself by mercy your eyes now are able to see a generation that needs mercy. It’s such a huge task. It’s an impossible task by human standards to see an entire generation coming to know the God who saves. What can one do? Can one man, or a small group believe and see a community be introduced to revival. I do believe it’s possible as we allow for mercy to lead the way!! So here’s the question, How will you “spend” mercy?


  1. What is your life like due to Gods mercy? How has His mercy changed you? Have you ever found yourself in great desperation crying out in prayer for God’s mercy? What happened?
  2. How is mercy displayed in intercession for others?
  3. If you can imagine mercy as actual coins in your pocket, how would you spend it? Mercy put on display is what God is calling us to. Read Luke 10:25-37
  4. Review carefully the following scripture: Matthew 7:7-10. Are you ready?