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“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.” – Isaiah 43:18

When we find ourselves in unfamiliar places with the Lord it can sometimes be comforting to use our past as a reference point to help guide our decisions of today. If our past fails us, then our second reference point usually becomes what we see in others. However, what if you and I have been set apart as forerunners or trailblazers in the Kingdom? Where should our gaze remain?

The Israelites found themselves in a unfamiliar land. The Lord was leading them toward His promise, but they weren’t given a GPS. They couldn’t use their past, and they couldn’t look up so-and-so to ask for directions. God gave them ONE reference point … HIS GLORY!

“For thoughout all their journeys the cloud (The Shekinah, God’s visible presence) of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was in it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel.” Ex. 40:38

Notice, that it was to remain in the sight of ALL. Everyone had to remain mindful of the tabernacle. It wasn’t only Moses’ responsibility. No matter their position in the camp, they were to always to be positioned with the tabernacle in view. When the cloud lifted they followed. The presence of God was their reference point.

Let’s dig a littler deeper. We will find ourselves in new places that cannot be explained in the natural. New sounds, new books filled with plum-line revelation, new business ideas and unnatural open doors of favor all will accompany the people of God! How do you steward new places will be the question that fills our minds. The answers will only be found in His presence. It will be necessary for increased times with the Lord because there and only there will the blueprints will be given.


  1. God is moving mightily amongst His people, there is an onward march, can hear the call to move onward into the unfamiliar? How are you interpreting this personally?
  2. Do you feel a yearning for His presence more and more? Make plans to align to that desire. It’s for a purpose.
  3. Take some time and just worship together. I believe great freedom will be released as you worship and pray for each other.