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Wrestling with God. What does this look like? It may not be a physical match like we see in the life of Jacob, but it’s almost certain we will all be called to the mat at some point. Why? It doesn’t sound very enticing. Anyone in their right mind knows it’s a fixed fight. What would bring anyone to this point and why would God even initiate such a fight? If you remember, God pursued Jacob for this match. Jacob was stewing in his own anxiety over Esau and his approaching slaughter when God showed up. So why not just show up in a vision or dream? Why did God choose to speak or bless Jacob is such a way?

Wrestling produces certainty. It grounds you and transforms your nature. One specific time I found myself hanging on to God in such a manner. A refusal arose in me to move in a direction unless I knew for certain I had heard from God. The pressure was mounting because many were forcefully demanding an answer. I knew the answer would drastically effect my life and the ones around me. Both a yes or a no was going to cost me! The wrestling commenced. A great determination brought me to my face week after week refusing to move. And then suddenly everything shifted. God spoke, I heard, and with great certainty I arose. No longer was I under the weighted responsibility of the decision and what was to come next. I knew it was not going to be easy, however the dread was removed and grace filled its place. I faced great trials that followed but it was as if the Lord surrounded me so it never penetrated my heart. I was a able to sail the storm but the storm was not within me… only great peace!

When we find ourselves in a wrestling match for a word or breakthrough, it is not because God is reluctant to bless us, even if that’s how it first feels. It is because he has more blessings for us in the wrestling than without it.

Take notice how much Jacob was changed in this encounter. When he began he was full of fear. He was overwhelmed and desperate. We was dreading Esau’s arrival and only imagining the worse. But when the night of struggle ended he arose with peace.

So when God calls you to wrestle with him in prayer, it is an invitation to receive his blessing. Usually
the invitation comes on the back of a great frustration or fear. Stay with him and don’t give up. Do not let Him go. He will speak. He will bless you. He will transform you and give you what you need to face tomorrow.


  1. Read Jacobs story found in Numbers 32:22-31.
  2. Can you relate to Jacob now or at some point in your past?
  3. When we’ve been faced with a frustration or fear the enemy would like to use this as an opportunity to blame people or God which actually pushes you away from what could be a transforming Encounter with the Lord. Take time to redirect your frustrations by repenting. Bring your attention to the Lord. He’s ready to bless you.