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In the beginning of this year,  I had a dream and it shook me. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me and I believe that I need to share what I saw with you today.

I’m in an observation room, and I’ve been asked to be here by an abortion advocacy group. They want to welcome the public to come in and view these procedures – it’s an attempt to claim them as safe and necessary humane practices that liberate both parents and would-be children of those parents. The room that I am in seems to be some sort of a multipurpose room, being used as an observation room along with some sort of council room where abortion procedures are voted on and promoted.

I’m sitting with a couple of my protégés, observing the procedure, roughly three rows back. Don’t ask me why I am here, because I don’t know. But along with us, a few people from the media are here to cover the story, which seems to be political in nature.

There are others in the room with us that are considering abortion, as well as those who were waiting to undergo the procedure themselves – so it seems that the room is also a type of waiting area.

The current procedure is being preformed on a young lady, somewhere between 17 – 23 years old. I watch as she squirms to her right side. She was looking toward us, through the observation window. The breasts of her petite body are exposed through her surgical gown; the look of pain and horror covered her face.  The physician made a very small incision to the right of her belly button, where I assume he had inserted a surgical scope and instrument into her ovaries.

My heart is struck with grief as I realize for the first time what happens in an abortion procedure.  I immediately begin writing down the prophetic truth of what I see in front of me.  I wrote down all of the numbered notes as quickly as I could, in the same way I do when preparing for a sermon.

I stumble to find another pen, because the one I am using has become dry and will no longer write, and I feel anxious because I don’t want to miss any divine thought that is racing through my head.

After moving around in search for another writing instrument, someone from the media approaches me and wants my opinion.  I must have some sort of political influence and they want to get my take on what was happening.

“What did you see?” they ask.

It is then that I begin to weep.  The weeping is a result of mourning, and I cannot stop the tears from rolling down my face.

I reply with my weighty realization, “I have seen hands that are meant for healing become instruments of death.”

It was then that I woke up and realized I had been weeping in my sleep, and I was still grieved by what I had seen.

I can’t remember all that I wrote down in my dream, but I do remember these things:

  • That young lady came into the clinic wanting to be freed from a pregnancy.
  • Instead of freedom, she’d discovered that the loss of that baby taken from her womb would be carried, by her grief, in the deepest part of her belly for the rest of her life.
  • The realization of that truth is what brought the look of pain and horror to her face.

National Right to Life estimates that more than 58 million abortions have been performed since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion 43 years ago in the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions.  This means more than 58 million women have felt the sting of death penetrate the deepest part of their being.

Just as abortion takes life, I can’t help but imagine the countless times a divine seed of hope, a dream, or a calling of God has been aborted by hands that were meant for healing, but had become instruments of death.  I grieve today for all the loss of innocence that has be taken away by a well laid lie of the devil.

Heavenly Father,

I pray for all the hurting today.  I pray for the countless young ladies who have laid down on that abortion table and today are still walking round with the death of their baby in their soul.  I pray that as they look out that window of pain and deception they see You, Your Son, Jesus The Great Physician.  I know You see their pain Lord.  I pray they feel the healing touch of Your forgiveness.  Embrace them and all those who have lost their innocence through the lies and deception of the Evil One. Restore today, their divinely seeded hopes and dreams.  Bring to life divine purpose and Your divine calling in their soul.  Set them free from the broken past and cause their eyes to see every exceedingly great and precious promise You have for them.