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Warfare, both spiritual and natural is NOT for sissies! Yep, I said it! All in a days time you can find yourself contending with wars on multiple battlegrounds. Just as you’re letting your guard down after a near-miss arrow targeted at you from behind, a new battle within begins to take shape. After silencing your mind with the truth from the Word, your flesh “bucks up” with enticing offers that ultimately can lead you away from God’s will if submitted to.

With all of this, revelatory knowledge is KEY for victory. If you’re unaware that these types of battles will take place then the blow will be far greater. You’ll personalize and analyze your way into hiding which is not the place for you.

I have personally found myself asking the Lord for greater revelation because I believe the Lord desires to give His church SECRETS to GREATER VICTORY!

“The secret of the Lord have they who fear Him, and He will show them (His covenant and reveal to them it’s deep, inner) meaning.” Psalms 25:14

When you read about war victories of the past many were won because secret information was found out that gave one side the UPPER HAND. God is wanting to position US the same! So what must be done?

Let’s look at Psalms 25:14 again. Why do we not tell our secrets to every man? Because every man doesn’t understand us. We individually give our secret knowledge to those who see eye to eye with us. We share our secrets to those who put confidence in us. As someone loves business and entrepreneurship they discover secrets to greater success. Their love and devotion opens locks and doors. Likewise, as we continue to put ALL our love and devotion towards CHRIST, KNOWING HIM and the power of His resurrection the SECRET of the sweet satisfying companionship will you have! At the end of the day, when this becomes your ultimate quest God will personally see to it that all unseen resources are at your disposal for VICTORY!


  1. Review the different battle fields and give examples of what they may look like.
  2. Discuss practical keys to overcome each battle. (Prayer, the Word, faithfulness, etc)
  3. Do you believe God desires to show you secrets to lead to you victory over your current battles right now? How can you better position yourself to receive?