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Do we really believe that it’s okay to be not okay and that God will bring health and healing and bring an abundance of peace and truth? ( Jer 33:6)

Or are we so stigmatized by and ashamed of our depression that we can’t believe in God’s goodness or his faithfulness?

1 Kings 19:4 gives us a snapshot of Elijah’s depression. He says he is no better than his fathers and he wants to die.

1. He expected nationwide revival, instead Israel forsook God
2. He is hungry— After his Mt. Carmel ministry, no one fed him
3. He is exhausted from running away from Jezebel
4. He is scared, afraid — Jezebel threatens to kill him
5. He is not respected —Ahab does not invite him into the chariot
6. He is not accepted—Israel does not accept his ministry
7. He feels he missed his assignment—Ahab doesn’t repent and Israel misses out on an encounter with God

So when the heaviness is unnaturally warranted, or prolonged or induced, it has to be dealt supernaturally.
One effective way to deal with depression is to put our Hope in God. (Ps 42:11)
In Is 49:23 God says, .. thou shall not be ashamed that wait for me. Here ashamed means be disappointed or delayed or be put to shame. God is promising us that we will not be disappointed (Rom 5:5. And Hope maketh not ashamed..) In fact God promises beauty for ashes and oil of joy for morning( Is 61:3)

Ps 42:5,11 God promises us the help of his countenance (presence)and the health (salvation, deliverance and victory) that comes of his presence and He sends his word and heals us and delivers us from all our destructions(Ps 107:20)

We can see the faithfulness of God in how God answers Elijah’s depression:
1. God sends John the Baptist in the spirit of Elijah to usher in the age of grace
2. Angels feeds food and water from heaven
3. He has supernatural strength
4. He never dies; gets a ride in a whirlwind to heaven
5. He is allowed to minister to Jesus on Mt Transfiguration
6. He anoints Elisha
7. He encounters God at Mt Horeb

Consider and discuss the following questions:
1. Are you acknowledging your disappointments, discouragements and depression or are you denying it?
2. What is preventing you from hoping in God?
3. Will you believe in the faithfulness of God to work all things out for your good?

Is 9:26 says The people who walk in darkness will see great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine (appear). Will you believe God’s word and his promise that a light will shine in your darkness and that he will bring health and cure to your soul?

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