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In John 5:1-9 Jesus deals with a man with an infirmity for 38 years. In verse 6, Jesus asks him, do you want to be made whole? That is the question that Jesus is asking us today! Do we want to be well, healed, whole? It does not matter how long we have been sick, infirm, paralyzed, the question asked is—Do we want to be whole?
What are some of the hindrances to our being whole?

1.    Are we waiting for a convenient season? This man was waiting around the waters of the pool of Bethesda for the moving of the water. 

2.    Are we looking at anything other than Jesus for our healing? Their eyes were fixed on the water, expecting it to be troubled. They were taken up with their own chosen way that they didn’t see Jesus walking by them

3.    Are we waiting for signs and wonders, are we waiting for revival, some particular feeling, are we waiting to be compelled?
All are excuses! Do we want to be made whole?
Healing requires us to make a decision. It requires us to take action. Will we decide to deal with our pain, offense, betrayal?  Will we forgive and allow Jesus to heal us?
In order to allow Jesus to heal us, we have to shift our gaze, our eyes to Jesus. We believe Jesus’s blood is enough for our salvation. Is his blood enough to pay for our pain, the offense we took, the betrayal we faced? Is Jesus enough to pay for what was broken, lost, destroyed? Is Jesus able to restore what we lost? Or is our pain, bigger Jesus’ blood and the finished work of the cross? Has our pain become our idol?
In dealing with our pain think about these questions and allow the Holy Spirit to convince you of his power and might.
1.    Do I want healing or sympathy, healing or want the offender to reap, healing or self-pity?
2.    Do I want justice from the offender and mercy for yourself? We can’t have both—if I want justice from the offender, then I cannot expect mercy when I mess up.
3.    Are you willing to do the work to be made whole?
Am I willing to forgive? 
Am I willing to read, study and meditate God’s word?
Am I willing to stand in faith?

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