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There is something beautiful about a sailboat lifting its sails for the first time after being docked for a season. It’s breathtaking to just sit back and watch it take place. Those who know how to hoist the sails make it look effortless. You can imagine my excitement when asked if I would like to sail for a day with a group of pros. Heck yeah! However, once onboard I was completely shocked at the amount of effort and skill that it took in launching these boats. My shock quickly faded the moment the sails were filled by the wind. I was once again amazed!!

I see this for YOU! Soon, amazement will fill your hearts. Know this though…Before anything great is accomplished for Christ, we must make the decision to “launch out” at His command. Like Peter, our response to God’s Word invites His blessing and power. (Luke 5:4)

Moving into deep water requires a FULL COMMITMENT. It means you weigh anchor and set your sails to catch the wind. It means you leave the shallows behind— fully surrendered to the directions of the Captain. You MUST determine to leave the murky waters of shallow Christianity behind. Those waters will not define you any longer! 

REMEMBER that what Jesus calls us to do—whether it is in witnessing, giving, serving, forgiving, or emptying self—is usually in exact opposition to human reasoning. 

Out in the deep water, we learn how to TRUST and how to PRAY. Those who launch out learn quickly that God accomplishes great things with a life wholly lived by faith, for “without faith it is impossible to please him”. (Hebrews 11:6)


This Week’s Challenges (full explanation will be given on Thursday Night YouTube’s Livestream)

1. PARTICIPATE — encourage everyone in your group to whole heartedly participate in the Spirit & Soul Challenge (missing Sunday Service or Small Group is a non-negotiable)

2. PRAY— in the Spirit (allow the Holy Spirit to pray through you) 10mins everyday. 

3. YOUTUBE— do a test run accessing, setting up, and playing our ONE Church YouTube channel before your Small Group arrives. (Pastor Bobby will be begin streaming live @ 7:15pm this Thursday, March 7th.)

4. SOCIAL MEDIA— redeem your social media by looking for and sharing at least three of our ONE Chruch inspirational and/or invitational posts this week. (Ingenious IDEA — instead of publicly complaining about your life, testify to the goodness of God.)