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Nobility arises in the kingdom not through power, money, or great influence rather its entrance is found in stooping low. Jesus gave us a picture of what this looks like when He directed the disciples attention to the children playing nearby. This picture placed in front of the disciples that day was a picture worth a thousand words. Nothing was left to be said, for it was clearly seen.

The attributes of a child are hidden in each of us, however many fight and strive away from them due to life experience, religion, and the culture we’re immersed in. In the name of self-preservation we all allow these attributes to lay dormant and hidden but Jesus highlights them and puts them as requirements in the kingdom. It’s such a paradigm shift and fights against all comfort and created security. It’s vulnerability can be uncomfortable, but it’s in this risky step of yielded humility that you learn to soar as the Father throws you up only to catch you once again in His embrace.

So what are these child-like attributes that we must allow to once again surface and remain? The four I’ll briefly mention today is not an exhaustive list so I would encourage you dig further in the Word because there is much to discover.

Joy is cultivated internally, it’s a settled assurance that comes from a confident abiding in the vine. As a result of abiding you know WHOSE you are and WHO you are. It’s not externally triggered nor is based on people, things, places, thoughts and events. (John 15)

Expectation comes from a genuine realization that GOD IS GOOD! It’s an assurance in the ways and nature of God, knowing that He is a rewarder. (Hebrews 11:6). Every time I seek Him, I’ll find Him. Not only will I find Him, but He has something good for me.

To trust in the Lord means more than believing in who He is and what He says. It’s to be FULLY surrendered without reservation or a backup plan incase it doesn’t go the way you planned. (Proverbs 3:5)

Humility can be characterized as genuine gratitude, a lack of arrogance, and a modest view of one’s self. I would also like to add that true humility is discovered and flows from the fear of the Lord. (Philippians 2:3-11)


  1. When looking at the four child-like Attributes which do you find the easiest and most difficult?
  2. Many times the absence of these child-like attributes come from brokenness or a negative experience in our lives. In that moment a lie was believed and embraced. What do you believe Jesus would say to this area in your life? Find a scripture(s), and use this in prayer over the next 30 days.